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[Fic] Winter's Illusion

Title : Winter's Illusion
Pairing : Ryoda
Genre : ANGST.
Rating : PG
Summary : Winter has come, and it is snowing... He was sitting there, waiting for the one who can't never be there...

Note : Sorry for the so-short summary.. ^^' Dedicated this to raixas , thanks to her too~
This fic is based on ACID BLACK CHERRY's Fuyu no Maboroshi. Try listen to it.
The translation just enough to make me all teary..

冬の幻 / Fuyu no Maboroshi - Acid Black Cherry

Ryo put his right hand inside his pocket while walking with his dog to the bench situated at the center of the park. The streetlight brightened the small garden behind the bench and it was so beautiful.

It is your favourite place…

He sat on the bench, and looked at his surrounding. There were also other visitors; or rather couples sat on the other bench, having their own little world. He let out a bitter smile, how he missed that time with him. He looked at his left; the empty space on the bench, he wished the older would be there, accompany him. But it was impossible.

I missed sitting here together with you

He silently sat there and it was already 2 hours since he arrived there. Ryo rubbed his palm together; the clothes he wore didn’t help him to feel warm. He still can feel the coldness of the winter and the absence of him made him felt colder. The dog sat obediently beside him and accompanied him for the night.

Could it also feel the loneliness of his owner?

I never feel this lonely before… I never hate to be lonely, but now I really hate it, really…

Ryo fished out his phone from the pocket and flipped open it. The picture of him and his hime came in view; it was a picture from their last trip. Both of them smiled happily and Ryo couldn’t help to smile back. He loved that smile of his hime, full of happiness and no fake.

“Tatsuya…” Ryo called for him, he knew the said person wasn’t there.
“I miss you… Where are you?” Ryo caressed the picture, as if he could touch it.
“Please, come home… I miss you badly…” Ryo had his head hanging low, he wasn’t that tough.

“Don’t you really love winter? You were so excited waiting for it to come, so that you can spend the time with me…” A flake fell on his shoulder but he didn’t notice it.

“You said you want to be here with me, want me to accompany you and together we will wait for the snow. Just like we always do every time the winter comes. And as usual although I said I won’t do that, but actually I will do it for you. Because it is you that I love and I will do everything you want, you know that right…” Flakes started to fall down to earth and finally Ryo noticed it as it fell on his lap. Ryo looked up the sky, and he reached out his hand. More flakes dropped on his cold hand.

The snow that you waited for already came, but when will you come here..?

“I’ve search for you since the first day of your missing and now I’m getting tired of it… Every night since that day, I always come here, honey… I’ve been waiting for you here… I think you would come up here…” Ryo took a deep breath; he knew he could cry in any moment.
“But you never come, why… I don’t know how long I can do this…” Being a weak person since that day, tears fell down his face. That was how easily he cries lately, after the missing of his lover.

“I missed you by my side, I missed watching your sleeping face, I missed your voice, I missed everything about you… I can’t keep living like this… I really want to see you… My life is miserable now… It is a pain that I failed to meet you…” His lips were trembling and his tears still didn’t stop. A familiar melody played startled him and he looked at the screen of his phone; it was Pi.

“Hello?” Ryo replied it back with his weak voice as he swept his face.
“Where are you now Ryo?”
“I’m waiting for hime…” He put his free hand inside the pocket back, the weather became colder and it was stabbing every inch of his exposed skin. He heard the caller sighed.
“Please, Ryo… Not again…”
“You better go home now, it is snowing outside...” Pi knew his best friend was crying, from the way he replied.
“I know it is, Pi… That’s why I think hime will come here today…” Ryo’s voice sounded happy but Pi knew Ryo was faking it.
“No, Ryo--”
“Believe me Pi..! I know he will come, he said that he wants to enjoy the snow at the park with me and tonight it is snowing, so I better wait till he come up…” Pi didn’t reply, he knew Ryo will do as he said.
“I know he will come, just… Please trust me, Pi…” He sounded so desperate as he pleaded. A gloomy cloud filled the atmosphere.
“He won’t lie to me, he will do like what he said, isn’t it true Pi?” Pi sighed again, he felt bad for Ryo too.
“Yes, Ryo… He won’t lie to you… He won’t.”
“I know he won’t… We already made a promise…” But Ryo, he can’t keep his promise… Can’t you accept the reality now, Ryo?
“I’ll accompany you… And you need something to warm you up; I know you can’t stand the cold… And for the mean time--“
“No. Thanks for your concern but I’m okay right now.” Ryo held his phone between his ear and shoulder, as he rubbed again his palm for numerous times that night.
“I already let you do what you want and now let me do what I want. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” Pi ended the call.

Ryo looked around him, the pairs of couple already left the place as the snow continued covering the place and it was already late. Ryo looked at his watch, 10.30 pm. Ryo closed his eyes; how he wished that Ueda will stand in front of him when he opens his eyes.

“God, if miracle does exist in this world, show it to me right now… Let me see Tatsuya right in front of me now, show me the smile that I’ve been craving for…” Ryo slowly opened his eyes, hoping that his wish will be granted. But only the darkness of the night met his eyes, and his lips trembled.

He cried, again.

“Even if it’s only an illusion, it is okay.. I can take it, so please…” The barking from his dog startled him and from the corner of his eyes, he saw a very familiar figure standing in the flakes rain. He turned his gaze quickly to the said direction, and there he saw the person he missed so much. Ueda stood and he was smiling to him. It wasn’t a happy smile like he wished, but hell he care less about it now.

“Tatsuya…” Ryo rose up from his sit; he wanted to approach him when he heard someone called his name.
He ignored it as his attention and mind already on Ueda. Seeing this, Ueda mouthed words to him but it can’t be heard by Ryo. That was the time Ryo realized that Ueda was shedding his tears and he showed him a bitter smile before he turned around and disappeared in the snowy night.

“Wait..! Where are you going?” Ryo stood still, he wanted to chase him but his mind seemed dead that time.
“Come back here, Tatsuya! Didn’t you said that you want me accompany you? I’m here for you… Please come back to me, please…” But Ueda wasn’t there anymore. Ryo called for him again but only the silent greeted him back. He ran to Ueda’s direction, still hoping the older was still there.

It’s only an illusion… An illusion…

He fell on the ground, kneeling. He covered his face and the cold crystal beads continued running down his cheeks.
“Ryo!” Pi quickly went to Ryo and hugged him, trying to warm his friend.
“What are you doing in the snow??” Pi could feel Ryo’s hand. It was cold and it was shaking.
“I saw him, Pi… I saw Ueda…”
“What? Please, Ryo--“
“No. Pi, I’m not lying to you… I did see him just now… Even John can feel that he came just now…” Ryo replied, referring to his dog.
“But he is already gone before I could meet him, Pi… He lied to me…” Ryo continued sobbing in Pi’s embrace.
The night felt empty, and it felt darker than usual, only the snow adorned the night.

Shall I come here again, Tatsuya? I’m tired of searching for you but you were nowhere to be found… I do miss for you but stop torturing me…
I trust you, so that I’ll continue waiting here…
To fulfill your wish…

“Let’s go home now…” Pi helped the other stand. He sighed in relieved when Ryo didn’t say a word when he brought him to his car, followed by his dog. Ryo was exhausted, the cold weakened his mind and he couldn’t do anything for now.

But, tomorrow he will continue waiting for him. His lover.

- END -

Thank you for reading. :D
It's been a time since I write RYODA, I guess.
Recently, I feel quite down, so...
COMMENTS to cheer me up~? :DD
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