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First of all, xD


Bcoz too much Jin lately make me want to make a new one~ lol
And actually I want to flail about my new AKI icon because he deserves it but JIN SOLO LIVES makes me completely forget bout it.. xD

Also, JIN is back in CTKT~!!! *throws confetti*


Damn, he is soooo hot but ohsocute with his hairstyle~ :3
This week ep is really worth watching~!!! Tho without sub~ =3

HYPER! Jin is muchmuchmuch LOVE~!!!! xDDDD

kya~~waiiii~~!!!!!! xDDD

Seriously, I need to learn how to make a make a gif pic.. =.=
Anyone, help~?

PiN in the MS together and talked about their friendship oh so sweeeet~~~~ *pats both* <33333
Will wait for the subbed vid...
Pi attacking Jin's collarbone TWICE sound so tempting to me download the raw... >.<

What else~? :)
My holiday started yesterday~ :D
Great since I'm easily pissed off lately so I don't need to meet my schoolmate kinda relieved me~ lol xD

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